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Our 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef organ meats are rich, flavorful, and loaded with nutrients. They are literally nutrient-rich superfoods. You may also enjoy our favorite organ sausages: Beef Braunschweiger and Beef Liverwurst!


If you're looking for ideas to include organ meats in your meals, click the recipe tab on each product page.

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Lamb Sweetbreads - 12 oz.

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US Wellness Meats’ assorted Lamb Sweetbread is a rare delicacy. Sweetbread is highly sought-after by chefs, adventurous home cooks, and connoisseurs because of its mild, sweet flavor. Lamb Sweetbread is very versatile and easy to prepare. The offal meat can be sautéed, poached, grilled, fried, braised, or roasted. The demand for Lamb Sweetbread exceeds supply, so US Wellness Meats encourages you to order while available
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