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Our 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished beef, lamb, and bison are nutrient-rich and delicious. Find your favorite roasts here for cooking up memorable flavors and savory smells.


Whether you're looking for the enormous Heart of Shoulder Beef Roast to feed a crowd, or a smaller, artisan Beef Loin Roast to feed a few, you'll appreciate the grass-fed difference in quality, nutrition, and flavor. 


All of our grass-fed meats are loaded with nutritional value and flavor!

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Beef Bottom Round Roast - 3 lbs

Availability: In stock
Are you looking for something you can toss in the crockpot or oven before work? US Wellness Meats is happy to share with you a family favorite. The Bottom Round Roast has outstanding flavor, character, and cuts like butter.
$27.46 (USD)

Beef Center Cut Shoulder Roast - 3 lbs

Availability: In stock
The boneless Center Cut Shoulder Roast is from the heart of the shoulder muscle making it a Crum Family favorite. This roast will be fork tender after a day in the crock pot! Each Center Cut Shoulder Roast averages 3 pounds.
$23.34 (USD) $27.46 (USD)

Beef Chuck Roast - 3 lbs

Availability: In stock
Savor and fork tender is used to describe US Wellness Meats’ boneless Chuck Roast. A year-round favorite, the Chuck Roast is one of US Wellness Meats bestselling roasts. Once you taste the flavor, you'll understand why!
$27.45 (USD)

Beef Eye of Round Roast - 2 lbs

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ Eye of Round Roast is small, but mighty. If you are looking for a lean, petite, and flavorful roast, US Wellness Meats suggests you give the Eye of Round Roast a try! It is magnificent in flavor, very lean, and will not disappoint.
$23.90 (USD)

Beef Loin Roast - 2 lbs.

US Wellness Meats hand cuts its boneless Loin Roast. The Loin Roast is a unique artisan roast that produces a strong and wonderful aroma. The aroma will have your entire neighborhood knocking on your door begging for a sample. The Loin Roast will melt in your mouth after exiting your crock pot or oven roaster pan.
$24.99 (USD)

Beef Standing 2 Rib Roast - 3.2 lbs

Availability: In stock
The 2 Rib Roast is ideal for small, special gatherings. It makes an exceptional prime rib for extra special occasions. US Wellness Meats also recommends you add your favorite dry rub to the 2 Rib Roast and let it slow roast to perfection.
$63.85 (USD)

Beef Standing 3 Rib Roast - 4.8 lbs

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ 3 Rib Roast is always suitable for dinner or a special occasion. It is the perfect serving for a small family or dinner party. For extra special occasions, use the 3 Rib Roast for an exceptional prime rib. If you want to mix things up, US Wellness Meats recommends you add your favorite dry rub to the 3 Rib Roast and it let slow roast to perfection.
$93.95 (USD)

Beef Standing 4 Rib Roast

Availability: In stock
US Wellness Meats’ Standing 4 Rib Roast is the perfect size for larger families and parties. The Standing 4 Rib Roast makes a picture-perfect centerpiece for every holiday gathering. Be prepared to receive high praise for bringing prime rib made from Standing 4 Rib Roast at your next holiday celebration. Aside from prime rib, US Wellness Meats recommends that you use your favorite dry rub and let the 4 Rib Roast slow roast to perfection.
$108.95 (USD)
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