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Wild-Caught Seafood

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Our Wild-Caught Seafood products are supplied by Vital Choice and are certified sustainably wild harvested. Wild-caught seafood is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and numerous other vitamins & minerals. Wild-caught seafood has been shown to have a healthier balance of Omega 3/Omega 6 fatty acids.

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Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Filet - 1 (6 oz.) fi...

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness Meats is pleased to partner with Vital Choice Wild Seafood to bring you Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Filet. Top-grade wild Alaskan sockeye Individually flash-frozen portions Sustainably harvested Certified Kosher (EarthK). Approved for Passover. Each species of wild salmon features its own characteristic flavor and texture, and has its admirers. But our most popular salmon features a deep, rich flavor that many Alaskans consider the "truest" salmon taste. Why is Vital Choice sockeye so clearly superior? Salmon connoisseurs find that our sockeye easily beats the very best that supermarkets and specialty stores can offer. The reasons are simple, but very hard for others to replicate. First and foremost, the relationships we fostered during decades of fishing Alaskan waters give us rare access to the very finest of these fish. And our sockeye comes from smaller harvest regions ("fisheries") that host fewer boats and feature faster processing ... so our sockeye is flash-frozen within hours of harvest to capture its fresh-caught quality. These advantages explain why chefs and savvy salmon shoppers consider Vital Choice wild Alaskan sockeye such a rare catch! Sockeye salmon: A true super food As well as ample protein, sockeye offers abundant omega-3s and unrivaled levels of vitamin D and astaxanthin (as-tuh-zan-thin). Each package contains 1 (6 ounce) boneless & skinless filet.
$16.25 (USD)

Wild Alaskan Halibut - Boneless/Skinless 6 oz Fi...

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness Meats is pleased to partner with Vital Choice Wild Seafood to bring you Wild Alaskan Halibut. Skinless & boneless* Sustainably harvested Product of USA (Alaska) We select only the smallest and purest wild halibut – the very best of the catch! Light and firm, our wild Alaskan halibut portions are simple to prepare and can be seasoned in a variety of ways. Halibut is a lean and heart- healthy source of protein. Keep portions in your freezer for a delicious meal at a moment’s notice! Each package contains 1 (6 ounce) filet. *Note: Despite great care, our Alaskan halibut portions may infrequently contain small, edible bones.
$19.95 (USD)

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon SMOKED - 6oz

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness Meats is pleased to partner with Vital Choice Wild Seafood to bring you Wild Alaskan Sockeye Smoked Salmon. Skin-on / boneless Vacuum sealed for freshness No nitrites or artificial additives and preservatives Sustainably harvested Certified Kosher (Kof-K) Product of USA (Alaska) Our savory Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye is cured in a light salt brine and slowly smoked over pure, natural alder wood. Immediately flash-frozen to lock-in freshness ... just thaw and serve! Ingredients: Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Demerara Raw Sugar, Natural Hardwood Smoke
$16.76 (USD)

Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod) - 4 oz.

Availability: Out of stock
Wild Alaskan sablefish – also known as butterfish or black cod – is a superbly rich, silky delicacy. Because it lives in deep, cold waters, sablefish accumulates far more fat – and omega-3 fatty acids – than most other fish, making it incredibly luscious.
$12.75 (USD)

Wild Petrale Sole - (2-4 portions) 1 lb. pkg

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness Meats is pleased to partner with Vital Choice Wild Seafood to bring you Wild Petrale Sole. Skinless-boneless 2 to 4 portions per bag Individually flash-frozen Re-sealable zip lock bags Gluten free Certified sustainably harvested Product of USA Fish lovers love the sweet, delicately nutty flavor and fine texture of wild petrale sole. These thin, elegant fillets lend themselves to a variety of cooking methods and recipes. Or, simply quick-fry them in a bit of olive oil and seasoning. Our wild petrale sole is sustainably harvested by trawlers off the coasts of Washington and Oregon. Using a process called "glazing,” portions are sprayed or dipped in very cold, fresh water. This way of flash freezing protects taste, texture and nutrition. Despite their name, petrale sole (Eopsetta jordani) are not a true sole and are related more closely to flounder. This uniquely delicious fish is an excellent source of low-fat protein, features ample amounts of omega-3s, and provides calcium and other important nutrients. Each 1 pound resalable package contains 2-4 portions.
$26.95 (USD)

Atlantic Sea Scallops - 1 lb.

Availability: Out of stock
Our wild Atlantic sea scallops grow wild in cold, clear northern waters. They’re hand-shucked and flash-frozen to keep their fresh, sweet flavor. Better yet, they come from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery.
$36.00 (USD)

Sockeye Salmon Burger - 1 (4 oz.) patty

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness Meats is pleased to partner with Vital Choice Wild Seafood to bring you Sockeye Salmon Burger. Gluten Free Added ingredients are Organic* No artificial additives or preservatives No MSG, soy, corn, wheat, eggs, dairy, sugar Certified Kosher (OU) Sustainably Harvested We use our premium wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon and organic seasonings to make these wildly popular 1/4 lb burgers. They’re tasty, healthy and abundant in omega-3s, vitamin D, and astaxanthin. Keep them on hand for quick meals - kids love them too! The July 2008 issue of Prevention magazine picked our Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Burgers as one of five healthy, tasty alternatives to standard, factory farmed beef patties. Vital Choice Sockeye Burgers come individually vacuum-sealed and are best when cooked from frozen, which typically takes less than 10 minutes. In addition to ample protein, each 4 ounce burger provides two beneficial natural food nutrients**: Omega-3s – About 1,320 mg Vitamin D3 – About 780 IU, or nearly double the US RDA of 400 IU. Ounce for ounce, Sockeye Salmon provides much more vitamin D3 than any other food. Ingredients: Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, water, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, organic arrowroot, organic onion powder, organic spices and herbs, organic vinegar powder, organic garlic powder *All ingredients are organic except salmon (wild seafood cannot be certified organic under current US law). **Nutrient levels will slightly vary annually and by harvest location. Each package contains 1 (4 ounce) patty.
$7.54 (USD)

Wild Pink Shrimp - 2 lb pkg (250-350 count per l...

Availability: Out of stock
US Wellness Meats is pleased to partner with Vital Choice Wild Seafood to bring you Wild Pink Shrimp. Pre-cooked 250-350 count per pound Individually quick-frozen in resealable bags Sustainably harvested Our petite Wild Oregon Pink Shrimp (Pandalus jordani) are sustainably harvested, fully cooked, and flash-frozen without chemicals. They’re sweet and firm, quick to thaw, and make delicious additions to salads, pastas, soups, sandwiches, and chowders. Pink Oregon Shrimp — sparkling, pure, and sustainable Ninety percent of shrimp eaten in this country are farm-raised, most from countries where environmental standards are less stringent. The State of Oregon limits shrimp permits, closes the season during the stock's reproductive period, and requires use of "by-catch" reduction devices. These practices led the Marine Stewardship Council to certify the Oregon Pink Shrimp fishery as fully sustainable. Each resalable bag averages 2 pounds (250-350 count per pound).
$34.95 (USD)

Wild-Caught Raw Shrimp - 2 lbs. (32-40 count)

Availability: In stock
Our original wild-caught raw shrimp are a staple in kitchens all over the country. *Due to the worldwide shrimp shortage, we are now sourcing wild-caught chemical free brown shrimp.* White shrimp are near impossible to source. We have taste-tested the new brown shrimp in our kitchen and could honestly not tell a difference between the two. The wild-caught brown shrimp have excellent flavor, and are the same plump sizes as our white shrimp. Sustainably harvested, chemical free, wild caught shrimp are ready for your favorite shrimp recipe. This is a wonderful product that is hand sorted and flash frozen rapidly after harvest. This rush to the flash freezer separates this product from many others. The shrimp are harvested from the Pacific Ocean and processed in the United States. 2 lb. packages contain 32-40 raw, peeled and deveined tail-on shrimp.
$39.95 (USD)
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